Sunday, May 14, 2006

Upstairs half bath...and samuel's room...

This is the upstairs half bath. See the closet to the right. It has another one on the other side that is even bigger. I put all of my linens and other stuff in it and it is still not full. I am going to keep this closet empty for my inlaws to put all of their clothes and stuff when they come to live with us for a little while while they look for a house! They will be here on the 24th! I am excited! They have been in Mexico for a few years and we haven't got to see them a lot. I am looking forward to it so much!!! God has given us an opportunity to work in ministry together! I am so excited about that!

This is Samue's room! I am not going to do anything in here until he moves to a big boy bed. Then I will probably decorate it in race cars...or whatever he is showing interest in at the time.
It is a cute little room, just big enough for a baby!

This is the other side to the half bath with the other closet that you can't really see. It streches all the across the whole wall and is about 5 ft deep. Really nice!

This is another pic of the other side! We haven't painted anything upstairs yet. We figured we would just wait until next year and do it little by little.


Stacey said...

Wow! I LOVE what you guys are doing to the place! Your furniture is REALLY nice... I like it alot! I can't believe how much space you have upstairs and how big the closets are! Our upstairs is just one big bedroom and our closets downstairs are tee-tiny! How fun!