Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well tomarrow I go in for surgery...please pray for me...I'm nervous! I have no idea why, I should be used to this by now after how many stinking times I've been cut open. I keep telling God...I'm not going to have any parts left to remove if the next 5 years are like the last!! LOL! Anyway...they won't be because I proclaim freedom for my family! THank you Jesus! is at 9:30 eastern time if you all could remember me!! Thanks guys!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The" STAR WARS" wall....

So I did this along time ago but haven't posted anything about it. Our boys have a Star Wars room. Their walls are painted blue except for one which I painted black. I finally have some of the project that I have been working on done. One day when the boys were at a sleep over I did this so they could come home to a surprise. Eventually I will add the Death Star and some ships but for now this is what I have done.

I hung light sabers on their lamp and Josiah was a Jedi one year for halloween so I have his little Robe hanging up.

It turned out cute! And...eventually when I have some free time on my hands I can finish it.

Happy 3rd Birthday Eliana!

New Year's Eve and Eliana's birthday go hand in hand so we are bound to have a party every year!!! This year we had a small party with our family and a few friends! Ellie was so excited about her Dora cake!! (little does she know that I just bought a cake and cut out one of the card board birthday hats with dora on it. I usally make my own cake and do that but couldn't this year.) I thought it turned out cute for fast planning! Anyway here are some pics from her special day.....

Here are the kids getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

Somebody made her laugh and I just had to capture the moment!!!
She seemed a little embarrassed when everyone started singing.....
But she sure did enjoy her cake !!!
So did Samuel!!
Mommy and Daddy got her a Barbie tricycle this year....Daddy for got to hide it before Ellie came hom and she found it sitting in the play room. She said "Look...a big bike for me!" Oh well!
Here she is digging into the rest of her presents.....
The boys gave her a black baby doll which is her favorite ....she named her Miracle after one of her little friends at church.....SO cute!

She got a water baby from one of our good feels pretty's kind of neat.

She also got her own princess chair with a sleeping bag is so cute!

Ellie had a wonderful Birthday and we had a wonderful new years! When the kids went to bed we got to celebrate it with friends! Always nice....!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas with the Holroyd's

We had such a wonderful Chritmas, pictures don't do it justice! This is only the second time since we have been married that we have had the Holroyd's together for Christmas. Adam's Grandma flew in from Arizona. Dan, Esther and their baby Katelyn drove up from Georgia....and Adam's parents are here in the states for Christmas for the first time in almost 5 years. Wow! It was a lot of fun! We got a video camera from my parents for Christmas this year so the digital got put aside. I should have taken a few more pics but here are some!

This is a house that is down the road fom us. It was so cool we just had to take a picture!

For Christmas Eve Adam's mom made all the kids jammies. They looked so cute! Here they are showing off their jammies!I took a picure of the tree after I got all the presents wrapped! But didn't get any of the kids opening them. How sad! I did get some after pictures though!

This is Josiah's that was hiding in the play room. It is a huge electric race track! I think Adam and I had more fun playing with it than the kids did! :)

Ethan got the Mega T-Rex that roars and it's eyes light up! It's really cool!
The last present the boys opened up we had some fun with. We wrapped up an empty box with a note inside. It said "in this box there is nothing to see, but go and turn on the big screen TV." When they turned it on
we had an X-box with a game already plugged in and turned on. They were so excited and......daddy and the boys and uncle dan played it all day(not really happpy about that butwhat did i expect) BOYS WILL BE BOYS! (even the older ones). We got a really good deal on an x-box on ebay with 11 games controllers and everything for like 80 bucks! Josiah wanted it so bad! Here is a pic of the boys playing during the day.

Ellie got a beautiful wooden baby cradle with a baby doll, stroller and clothes for the baby. She loved it! I barely see her any more. She just plays with her dolls and feeds them and changes them all day. She is a little mommy already! IT's cute to see that after having all my busy boys!

This is my little neice Katelyn. SHe is a little dolly and this is the first time we got to see her since she was born. We had a lot of fun with Dan and Esther!

After Church we took pictures of the family...Here is one of our family and than everyone all together.

All in all we had a wonderful Christmas. When you have kids the magic happens all over again! I love that!