Thursday, April 27, 2006

so this is what it looks like now...

There are two holes in the vinyl flooring. One is huge as you can tell and the other is smaller but right as you walk in. There are a few more dog pee stains than this, but the digital camera ran out. There is about 5 total in every room practically. The carpets are just really dirty and get this....we just found out yesterday that all down the basement stairs they dumped motor oil so now we have to replace the carpet and the vinyl on the steps. I am so frustrated....I'm trying to remain Christian about this but it's hard not to want to get even and make them pay....but I need to correct my attitude and pray for them in return...SO Father....I ask that you bless this couple mightily and help them. There I did it.

So Anyway, the floor needs to be replaced in the kitchen and the steps going down to the basement. The carpet really need to be cleaned and I pray that the stains come out. Everything is primed so all we need to do is paint and clean the carpets before Saturday. Pray that we can get everything done. Love to all! Jess

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's been a while....things are busy..

So here are some pictures of the house...of course these are with the previous owner's stuff in it. It is a little smaller than what we have now...but are hoping to do a few things more to make it work. I am very excited but at the same time frustrated at some things. After we closed on the house we had agreed upon moving in on Monday and the owner could have his garage until Tuesday. Well..Monday came and gone and we couldn't get ahold of the owner all day....finally at 9:00pm our realtor gave us the combination to the lock box and me and a friend went over to see what the problem was. When we got in the house the stench of dog pee was everywhere and all over the nice carpets. All the cupboards were full and all of the closets were filled with junk. There were 2 huge tears in the new laminate flooring and the place was filthy.

so anyway....pray that God will make a way to get new flooring in the kitchen and get the pee out of the carpets with out us spending too much money. love to all...jess