Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ellie's First real Haircut!

My little Ellie....I finally took her to the Salon to get her haircut! I have been waiting for it to grow out since a few months ago she took some scissors and cut her hair down practically to her scalp on one side so I had to layer it a bit... It is finally grown out. The stinker won't let me do anything to her hair...the minute I put braids..or pig tails...they are out 15 minutes later...I needed something real easy for her. I have been waiting to cut her hair like this since she was born and I finally got the chance now that she has hair...... Here it is... (of course I forgot the camera on the counter when we were walking out so I couldn't get before pics)

she poses for the camera so nice!

It is a schack cut longer up front shorter in the back

Her hair is perfect for the cut...

I love the back....

She looks so cute!