Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We are finally off!

After much packing....unexpected blunders....and crabbiness....We are off! Love you all and have a good Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Hardship...Another miracle?

The past few days have been pretty tough....Ethan ended up getting really sick on Wednesday. He was complaining of a headache and he ended up throwing up everything we tried to give him. By mid-afternoon he was throwing up every fifteen minutes. We thought maybe it would slow down after awhile, but it kept on going right through the night. By Thursday morning his throwing up had slowed down to about once an hour but he was so tired and worn out that he would sit up sleeping and throwing up. Thursday Afternoon around two I would tell he was getting really dehydrated and I brought him to a small hospital by my house...I figured they would have to give him an I.V. It has happened to my children so many times that I knew he would perk up finally after he got fluids...except he didn't. He got worse and more lethargic. THe doctor was thinking of sending him home and when he walked out of the room I prayed. I asked the Lord if their was any doubt in that doctor's mind he would keep him there and do some more tests. The doctor came back and he asked Ethan a couple more questions to which Ethan responded...uhhh, mmm, and went right back to sleep. The doctor said.." I can't send him home....I need to do another test!" Praise GOD! They did a CT scan of his abdomen because they thought maybe it was appendix and the test showed Ethan and I had a nice ambulance ride over to Toledo Children's hospital where we got checked in. By that time I couldn't wake Ethan up. If he did open his eyes it was almost as if he didn't know who I was. It really started to scare me. The doctor came in twice to look at him...and he still was unresponsive...this time they did another CT scan of his brain and after that they did a spinal tap. THe test result came back. It was Meningitis. Viral or bacterial they didn't know. Ethan slept for almost two days straight....barely waking up even if they moved him. I left at 2:30am Friday morning exhausted. Adam spent the night with Ethan and I arrived again around 9:00 am. Ethan was still sleeping! Adam left for work and I called people to pray. Around 11:30am one of my friends called me and we prayed. I laid my hands on Ethan and just cried. I didn't know what else to do.....5 minutes after we hung up the phone Ethan woke up and wanted to EAT. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed from that moment on. We played video games, watched T.V. and we had a lot of conversations! I missed that! He never complained of one headache again and ate every meal...and again played video games of course for two days straight! (I think he liked it there too much! :) ) Anyway, the 24 hour test came back and they said it was viral and we could go home! What relief! I know God did something. It was a total 100% turn around. So we just got home tonight. NONE of my other kids are sick! AND wont be in Jesus name! Thanks for all who were praying!