Monday, August 28, 2006

It is almost finished......!

So our basement is truly almost finished! It has been hard work....but well worth it. We wanted it to be a bright fun place since it is a basement so we decided on a bright yellow. We also have a black ceiling...(it covers a multitude of sins, if you know what I mean). Our ceiling was so low and had many gas and water poles so what we did was put up paper backed insulation in the ceiling and than sprayed the whole ceiling black. It looks real nice and turned out better than I expected.

Adam put in some nice lighting throughout. He is a genius and can practically do everything handy around the house. It is nice. Our computer desk is going where the nice bar of three lights is on the right. THe back is our family room which also has retractive lighting.

Here are some more pictures of the lighting....and also what we will have for a tv. Adam bought a projector (gotta love ebay!) and also some screen material which we hung to get the wrinkles out. The screen will be smaller and have a nice black frame around it. It will be a nice addition to a smaller room so we don't have to have a huge entertainment center.
Here is the kids playroom.....excuse the cluttered computer desk....

We had SO much fun with the kids that day! I bought red, yellow and blue paints and we mixed them up to make orange purple and green too. We marked the playroom for sure and even samuel has his foot and hand prints on the walls! We had buckets of water and old towels to rinse and we would paint there hands or feet and have them slap the walls. It was so funny!!! Ellie was a riot and would slap them over and over until we had a smeared mess. It was a blast though and it turned out great. We get our carpeting today and it is going in on Thursday! YAY!

So I told you I was doing some bright colors. All my accents are bright orange, black and our furniture is a sage green color. It sounds weird but looks great in my head!! :) Anyway, I will take a picture of the finished product once we get there!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Josiah's Birthday

We celebrated Josiah's 6th birthday party this year! He is getting so big! Here are some pictures of the monumental moment. You can see my brand new curtains in the distance! (Courtesy of my Mother-in-law.) She worked so hard! :) They look so much better in person. Sam and Ellie are playing on the floor. If you don't know Samantha, she is one of my best friends and she takes care of the kids all the time. I love her to death!!

Josiah is going to be playing soccer in school this her got a practice ball, cleats and shin guards this year.

He also got a really cool bike from Mommy and Daddy & Gramma and Grampa this year! He was shocked! He found it in his bedroom. It was so cute to see his face!

The cake was so adorable this year. Sam Briggs is one in a million and got him a nice CARS cake. He liked that! THanks SAM! The Birthday was fun...and he had a good time. We had 3 boys spend the night...that was a handful but was great. And....a lot of people got to see our house for the first time.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some New Pics.....

Here are some pics of my new accessories. I've had them for awhile, but I haven't gotten any more pics of anything. I got new lamps for the living room and bamboo blinds for all the windows. I roll them up during the day to let light in. They look real nice and I can't wait to get my curtains up. Also a new rug for the living room and runner for the dining room.
This is one reason why I wan't my family room back!!! No T.V. toys upstairs...nothing to clutter everything up. Oh well....I took this picture to show my bamboo in the corner.

Our basement.....

So I really can't find the pictures with the water damage, but let's just say it was about 8-10 inches deep and almost everything got here is the start of the basement. All these pictures here were taken when my inlaws were still living down stairs so it is a bit cluttered. They have moved out as of last weekend so progress is now starting to come a little quicker. I can't wait for it to get done! This picture is of all of the studs going up on the walls. It has been alot of work and Adam is doing it by himself. I am so proud of him! He is doing great!

This is the lighting that has gone into the ceiling in the family room! It is so nice. It has a dimmer switch and you can rasie and lower the lights! (Sets the mood! ;) )
THis is that ugly pole that use to be in here! UGHH! We are covering it up and making a broom closet which will be very nice! It will at least be covered but we can still have access if the plumber needs to come out.
Here are some more pics of the walls and everything else that was down there at the time. Chaos is the word I choose. Not that I didn't love having my inlaws here. IT was an awesome blessing!!!!! It was just a disaster after the flood and everything was put everywhere!

Now this is what you see when you come down the steps. Nice walls. We are getting there!!

Our entertainment center will be replaced by a nice shelving unit and Adam has bought his man toy....A nice video projector so we can watch movies on a big screen! How fun! The room with the computer desk will be the kids playroom. It will be so nice to have a room to keep all the toys in...and they can stay there!! YAY! All in all it will be so nice to get this finished. We are hoping for three weeks! I will keep you posted!!