Monday, August 28, 2006

It is almost finished......!

So our basement is truly almost finished! It has been hard work....but well worth it. We wanted it to be a bright fun place since it is a basement so we decided on a bright yellow. We also have a black ceiling...(it covers a multitude of sins, if you know what I mean). Our ceiling was so low and had many gas and water poles so what we did was put up paper backed insulation in the ceiling and than sprayed the whole ceiling black. It looks real nice and turned out better than I expected.

Adam put in some nice lighting throughout. He is a genius and can practically do everything handy around the house. It is nice. Our computer desk is going where the nice bar of three lights is on the right. THe back is our family room which also has retractive lighting.

Here are some more pictures of the lighting....and also what we will have for a tv. Adam bought a projector (gotta love ebay!) and also some screen material which we hung to get the wrinkles out. The screen will be smaller and have a nice black frame around it. It will be a nice addition to a smaller room so we don't have to have a huge entertainment center.
Here is the kids playroom.....excuse the cluttered computer desk....

We had SO much fun with the kids that day! I bought red, yellow and blue paints and we mixed them up to make orange purple and green too. We marked the playroom for sure and even samuel has his foot and hand prints on the walls! We had buckets of water and old towels to rinse and we would paint there hands or feet and have them slap the walls. It was so funny!!! Ellie was a riot and would slap them over and over until we had a smeared mess. It was a blast though and it turned out great. We get our carpeting today and it is going in on Thursday! YAY!

So I told you I was doing some bright colors. All my accents are bright orange, black and our furniture is a sage green color. It sounds weird but looks great in my head!! :) Anyway, I will take a picture of the finished product once we get there!


Melis said...

Wow! Everything looks fantastic! You should send Adam over here to finish off our basement for us!! Ha. I'm so excited for you guys! What a blessing that flood was! I can't wait to see it all finished. It's got to be such a thrill for you to be able to create and decorate everything just the way you want it. Good for you!

Stacey said...

Wow! Looks great! I love what you've done!!! I also love your accents - VERY cute!