Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I had a blast this year with the kids...I usually try to make something out of nothing and I did it this year with a couple of things....First off Josiah has been wanting to be a ninja for around 4-5 months now....everytime asking me when Holyween was and such....(by the way holyween is what my church calls their little fall festival w/games and stuff and I like to refer to the Holiday as that anyway.) I told him I'd have to wait and see how much costumes were. Well everything was like 20 bucks and I didn't want to spend that much money so a few days ago we went to goodwill....and I found this ugly black nightgown/bathrobe. ( It reminded me of something my mother wore when I was young!) It was perfect! It even had this red embroidery on it that looked kinda I cut off the bottom...made a ninja belt, arm and leg ties and a made a ninja mask from the arm cuffs and part of the bottom as well. It turned out so cute. I also went into Joann Fabrics that day and all their stuff was 70 % off! YES! and I got a ninja sword...and a pirate sword, hat, and eye patch for a couple of bucks for Ethan.....and Ellie's precious angel costume for only 5 bucks! Isn't she an ANGEL!
Ethan was the same thing.....I found this white shirt I use to wear and soaked it in coffee to get it to look had these huge flare sleeves and I gathered them up and made ties to make it look like a flared out cuff and cut off the bottom and tattered it...found an old leather vest and used my old red Christmas napkins as his belt! Isn't he cute!!!! And of course there is Spiderman with his cocky little attitude...he is too much of a doll! They are so cute!

Here I am getting into the spirit....
(you probably have no idea who I am! do you?)

Well....let's take a loser look and find out...

All I can say is watch out I come!! :)

Hope you all had fun!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Past Month!

Where Have I BEEN! Busy to say the least. My most recent project besides homeschooling my wonderful kids has taken up most of my life lately and I haven't really been on much....I do check in on everyone...but time for me it's not really there any more.

My husband is amazing to say the least and I'm so proud of him for one thing, but this is our life the past month or more....Can anyone say CORNHOLE! I live, eat, sleep, dream about this most wonderful new horseshoes sweeping the nation by storm. And....I am in it.......over my head?....maybe....but it's life now.....maybe always.....

This is my mission now.

I have made over 250-300 of these puppies in the last few weeks! AUGHH!
It's fun..! A little bit...I have another100 to make this week.....hmmmm

My darling husband makes the best boards anywhere!! I am totally serious too! And....for the best price so if you would like a set...we ship them out everywhere and do local pickup....what is weird is California is one of the most popular places and people spend bukoo bucks to get them shipped there.

So back to my life.....right now....while I wait on God....this is my life....GOD is in control of this too....

These boards are truly amazing....almost overwhelming we are selling so many...but if this is how God provides so be it!!!!! AMEN!

Please pray for us in this transition time.....I am tired and downright discouraged....God has to be up to something....waiting is hard....and HE has produced a lot of patience in me....very well needed patience....if anyone could leave me some encouraging words and give me some scriptures to hold on to, it would mean a lot to me. Till next time!