Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Past Month!

Where Have I BEEN! Busy to say the least. My most recent project besides homeschooling my wonderful kids has taken up most of my life lately and I haven't really been on much....I do check in on everyone...but time for me it's not really there any more.

My husband is amazing to say the least and I'm so proud of him for one thing, but this is our life the past month or more....Can anyone say CORNHOLE! I live, eat, sleep, dream about this most wonderful new horseshoes sweeping the nation by storm. And....I am in it.......over my head?....maybe....but it's life now.....maybe always.....

This is my mission now.

I have made over 250-300 of these puppies in the last few weeks! AUGHH!
It's fun..! A little bit...I have another100 to make this week.....hmmmm

My darling husband makes the best boards anywhere!! I am totally serious too! And....for the best price so if you would like a set...we ship them out everywhere and do local pickup....what is weird is California is one of the most popular places and people spend bukoo bucks to get them shipped there.

So back to my life.....right now....while I wait on God....this is my life....GOD is in control of this too....

These boards are truly amazing....almost overwhelming we are selling so many...but if this is how God provides so be it!!!!! AMEN!

Please pray for us in this transition time.....I am tired and downright discouraged....God has to be up to something....waiting is hard....and HE has produced a lot of patience in me....very well needed patience....if anyone could leave me some encouraging words and give me some scriptures to hold on to, it would mean a lot to me. Till next time!


Dawn said...

Hey Jess! So you guys make the cornhole game, huh? I didnt know that!!! Very cool!

I miss you! I never got to really spend any time with you since I got back to town and you left....:(

You guys have been on my mind lately. In fact, just a couple days ago, I woke up from a really sound sleep. I was kinda ticked at first. I'm going "Why in the world am I up at 2am????" I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't. Finally I sat up, and said "OK Lord, what's the big deal? Can't a girl get some sleep?" All I got in response was silence. GRRRR!!!
Then, just as I was about to lay my head back down on my pillow, I saw the picture of you and me that Adams brother took at Amy's graduation party in my minds eye. I knew that you guys were struggling (the house still an issue???)And so I spent the next 10 minutes or so in prayer for you. So, when you get down in the dumps, and just feel drained, know that God is busy waking people up in the wee hours to pray for you:)

Love and miss ya!!!

S.P. said...

Wow. Whose idea was it to sell cornhole games on the internet?! That is amazing!

I know this transition has been tough on you guys, but God has a plan. Keep holding on! He's always right on time.

Amber said...

I asked Tony if he saw those when he visited and he said that they looked great! I like all the different designs or emblems that you can put on them. I'm glad that you've found something to bring in some income. You just never know what's in store. Patience of waiting for the unknown is something I have a hard time with too. I'll keep praying for you and you're family.