Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jehovah Jireh

I was posed with these questions 3 weeks ago. "Jessica, Do you really believe that God is in everything? Do you believe that He is in every single area of your life and things happen for a reason? Do you really trust God in every circumstance?" WOW! What questions! I couldn't answer right away...I mean I could say "Of course I do!" I can say I do until I am blue in the face! but.....do I really believe it! Am I really convinced and trust that God knows what He is doing?

I know sometimes as a Christian I know how to walk the walk! I know how to talk the christian talk! I know exactly the right things to say in almost every area.....but...when it comes down to it do I really LIVE what I believe? If I really lived what I believe why do I walk past a person in need? If I really lived by the spirit why do I fail to listen to God and reach out? If I really believed what the Bible says then why am I not praying for people in the grocery store or at the mall when they need healing? Am I in tune with what I see my father doing in heaven? Jesus said that I am in the father and He is in me! Jesus lives within me! Shouldn't it be the same! We have the very presence of GOD on the inside of us! We are the very example set out by Jesus himself..... but because I get so wrapped up in "CHURCH" in "MINISTRY" in "MYSELF and my own selfish desires" I fail to really hear what God is telling me to do. I fail to see the bigger picture of what God is wanting from my life. Church is not a place where we come and get fed from God and filled until the next week and then do nothing about it.......We ARE the church!!!!!! Every day we are the church! We are all one body...and yet we sometimes fail to realize that. Every denomination, every race, every color....we are all one body!!!! We are all so divided and it breaks my heart! The body can not work to its full function if one of it's parts is hurting, broken, in need of nourishment etc.. That's why Paul tells us to encourage one another! God is slowly changing me! Here in Iron River....God is working. He is purging me in a way that I never thought He would purge me! and He is posing those questions to me and I am ever thinking about them. Do I really believe that the Living God...Lives inside of ME?....and is in every area of my life and when I am in tune to the Holy Spirit who sees what the Father does in heaven then that Holy Spirit living within me speaks to me. It blows my mind that God chooses his dwelling place as me! He could have chosen any building, any majestic thing as his dwelling place but HE in all his Glory chose me! Solomon made the most glorious temple to house the presence of God in. His Glory would fill the temple like a cloud. His Glory went in front of Israel like fire and a cloud. Moses couldn't even look upon the face of God or He would surely die...and now His glory fills His temple and that temple is me!! Do you even know how amazing that is????? I am so in awe and cannot begin to even comprehend those things in my finite mind! BUT....God in his infinite wisdom chooses ME! Wow....it is something to think about! So....Do you really believe what you say you believe? Can you put that into action somehow? I am trying...slowly...

I am just amazed at God! Tell me about how you are amazed right now. What has God done for you?