Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's been a while....things are busy..

So here are some pictures of the house...of course these are with the previous owner's stuff in it. It is a little smaller than what we have now...but are hoping to do a few things more to make it work. I am very excited but at the same time frustrated at some things. After we closed on the house we had agreed upon moving in on Monday and the owner could have his garage until Tuesday. Well..Monday came and gone and we couldn't get ahold of the owner all day....finally at 9:00pm our realtor gave us the combination to the lock box and me and a friend went over to see what the problem was. When we got in the house the stench of dog pee was everywhere and all over the nice carpets. All the cupboards were full and all of the closets were filled with junk. There were 2 huge tears in the new laminate flooring and the place was filthy.

so anyway....pray that God will make a way to get new flooring in the kitchen and get the pee out of the carpets with out us spending too much money. love to all...jess


Stacey said...

Oh my gosh! Your house is SOOOOOO cute!!!! And it's on a double lot it looks like! How amazing! The inside also looks all clean and freshly painted and in move in condition (other than the dog pee smell!). How great! We will have to do some work to ours to move into it. It needs all new flooring throughout, fresh paint and we are going to completely gut and redo the bathroom. I'm so excited for you guys! I am praying that everything will work out!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jessica! I found your blog through Melissa's and Stacey's....I'm an old friend of Melissa's from back in the day. Your new house is adorable. I read about the problems you are having with the dog pee smell in the carpeting. We purchased our home about two years ago. The prevoius owners had dogs and kept them primarily in the carpeted dining room so the carpet was just a mess in there and smelled horrible. We really didn't want to have to spend the extra money to have it replaced so we steamed cleaned the carpets and then sprinkled this carpet freshener stuff on the carpet after it had dried. It's the baking soda brand specifically for pet smells. The key was we sprinkled it on and left it on the carpet for 24 hours....and then of course prayed like crazy that God would help the powder take the smell out. And sure enough 24 hours later the smell was gone. It was still pretty stained but at least the smell was gone. Just a suggestion! Your blog is great and your kids are adorable!!! :)