Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kid's Rooms....Bathroom....

So this is the boys room...a Star wars room as you can see! It is very very blue. The wall opposite of this wall is black and I will be painting a mirale of Star Wars on it. Just to start I will be doing the stars and the star wars words on the bottom of the wall. They love their room!

This is the full bath....we have a huge half bath upstairs with 2 huge walk in closets. It is so big I am not sure what to do with all the space. I'm sure once it's completely organized I will figure it out! :)

This is Ellie and Samuel sitting on Ellie's bed while mommy is taking pictures! They are so funny. They just followed me around while I snapped the pics of the house. The boys had gone to the church with Adam, so I had a little lighter load that day!

This is the other wall in the boys room and their cool lamp with the blue light bulbs in it. They are so proud of their lamp and Josiah picked out the blue light bulbs!

This is Ellie's Room! It is very bright and she tells me everyday "Mommy, Ellie room
beautiful!" She is so funny!


Stacey said...

Oh my gosh! the house looks GREAT! And I LOVE the colors you painted!!! I also LOVE the wood floors in the kitchen! That is in our plans as well. How absolutely AMAZING that you got appliances for SO STINKING CHEAP!!! I am blown away by how God constantly provides for you guys! You are BLESSED!