Sunday, May 14, 2006


Josiah is just getting to big for his britches! Everything he asks I just get amazed at how he is growing up! It is so crazy! A 5 year old boy going on 10.

Ellie and Sam are just precious in here....and Adam and Ethan looked so cute in this picture I just had to put it in here!

THis is a picture of the basement. Eventually we will dry wall all the walls and finish it completely, but for now it does it's job. The big pole that is sticking out of the ceiling is going to be covered soon. It is at an angle so what we are planning on is drywalling around it and squaring it off and adding shelves to each side so we will have book shelves and toy shelves for the kids. To the right as you go farther down is the computer room and to the right....behind the the laundry room-storage-furnace/water heater room.

He is so cute!