Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Kitchen...

So Here is the messiest part of the kitchen so far but I wanted you to see where we will be putting in my dishwasher tomarrow! YAY! I need one so bad! Do you see that stack of clean dishes...they are from one day!! UGHH! Anyway, we took out two bottom cupboards and put in the little 9" cupboard next to the fridge. We moved the two cabinets to the bottom of the next picture, put in an 8 ft countertop and bought the matching top cabinets. Now I have a very nice buffet and countertop, with more cabinet space and we will be getting a couple stools to go in the middle for an eating place. We haven't painted the kitchen except for the back wall, and we still have to put up our base boards on the bottom but it's coming along.

This is a picture of the new countertop and cabinets where they used to have a table. You can see a little bit of our new wood laminate floor. It looks so nice now that the flooring is all done!

This is the new floor! It looks great and sweeps and mops real nice!

I forgot to tell everyone how God blessed us with practically brand new appliances! We looked on Ebay and found a brand new stove for 200 bucks and a $1600.00 fridge only two years old for 300. I was so greatful for getting such and awesome deal! Here is another pic of the other side if the kitchen.

This is our fridge! IT is so nice and BIG! It has so many compartments and drawers! It even has a drawer with humidity control! We also just got a dishwasher off of ebay for 75 dollars! And...they are all GE! God is Goood!