Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Makeup Princess

My daughter loves to put makeup on! Every time I am putting mine on she is always right by me wanting everything that mommy has. Her favorite is lip-gloss or lipstick. Well all was quiet on the homefront when all of a sudden I hear Adam say"Jess come look at your daughter!" Ellie had an orange and a yellow marker in her hands and this is how I found her! Priceless!


Billie Garrett said...

Hey Jess! The house is beautiful! Yiu should do interior design! Everything in your house is absilutly magazine like! I wish I had your style! The kids are absolutely gorgeous and they are getting so big! I am so excited that you have your house. You both deserve the best and I'm happy to see that you are getting it! Love ya!

Melis said...

Seriously, that's the story of my life! As I use up my make up, I clean out the container and give it to Natalie. She loves it...thinks she's just like Mommy. They're too much sometimes!

Stacey said...

Hey, better on the face than on a freshly painted wall!!!!