Sunday, July 01, 2007

SO....I decided to go black-raspberry picking.... a tank top & sandles.....!!!

So silly old me decided to try my luck at picking black-raspberries for some friends of mine. Their season just started and they pay people to come out and pick for them. I figured since I'd be outside I would like to get a little tan so I wore a tank top...made sure to slather myself with 30 spf sunscreen so I wouldn't burn and wore my flip-flops. Big mistake!!! I think I bent over to pick little prickles out of my toes all day!

I am sometimes not so smart when it comes to some things....and then by the end of the day realized that I slathered myself with sunscreen and forgot the back of my neck which I started to feel stinging by 4:00 pm. I had been out in the sun since 10:30 am so it has gotten quite red and really really hurts! So now....a couple days later I decide to take some pictures.

It looks like I got in a cat-fight!

This is the worst part! Don't you feel terribly sorry for me!

My son Ethan wanted to take a picture of me while I was working with the camera so I decided to let him....I usally don't post picures of myself but it turned out good. Maybe he will be a photgrapher some day!


josh said...

All I can say is ouch... that sun-burn makes me cringe. I usually have no problems producing a look like that one.

Melis said...

I take it you have figured out the problem you were having posting pictures. The ones you posted though... OUCH!! And you're right, the one of you turned out very well! I love your hair. If only my hair would naturally be that color. I've been trying for months and months to color it to that exact shade with no success. It's a good thing my girlfriend is a stylist or I would have spent a FORTUNE on all the hair coloring I've been doing to try to get that color. It's not fair.

Amber said...

I've never picked black-raspberries before...and after seeing your pictures I'm pretty sure I'll pass if I ever have the opportunity. I think I'll stick to plants that don't fight back. Caleb loves taking pictures too-of everything. I'm so thankful that someone invented the digital camera so we can erase the ones we don't want like the five pictures of the same thing. Otherwise I think it's fun to see what kids like to take pictures of.

Jessica said...

It's just my natural color with carmel highlights...I only get my hair done every 9 months or so....(sad) It just costs me 80 bucks every time I go!! UGHH! I was so blond a few years back that she took the bottom half of my head and matched it to my roots and then highlighted the top half. It turned out great and my natural color hair came back in great!

Stacey said...

OUCH! I know that hurts!!!!! It looks like the blackberries won the fight for sure.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jessica! I do remember you from way back when!!! I saw your comment on my Neurology Post and thought I'd respond on here so you would find it! :)

Last October I started having numbness in my left leg which then progressed into my left shoulder and down my left arm. After a lot of visits with different doctors I had a brain MRI and a spinal MRI (even though they wouldn't tell me I know they were looking for a tumor). Praise God the brain one was negative. The spinal one showed evidence of swelling. After seeing a Neurologist I went on to have a spinal tap as there was a concern about MS. I am completely MS free thank the Lord. I have been diagnosed with something called transverse myelitis, which is just a fancy way of saying I have swelling in the spinal cord that is causing my numbness, but there is no real reason for it. All I have to say is I never want to do those tests again. I didn't think I was claustrophobic until they put me in that MRI tube and wow is it tiny. God was so faithful during the whole thing and I know I needed to go through the whole thing to bring me to a different and deeper place with Him. For that I am very thankful!

It's so nice to hear from you! I'll be making your blog a regular stop in my day. Your kids are adorable!!!

Elizabeth :)