Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's about time!

Time for yet another blog! I haven't been on here forever! We are doing good! We are in the process of a lot of different changes which are very good! Our church plant has merged with another church plant and we are combining forces!! Doubled up in ministry is an awsome thing!! Adam is now the associate pastor of the inner city church SOLID ROCK--who is moving to a new location reaching East Toledo and Oregon. Adam is head over the evangelism, cell groups and the youth department. We are still looking for a building in East Toledo, so we can turn it into an evangelistic coffee house! We are SO excited about what God is doing and how God has set everything up with perfection! It is neat to see His hand moving upon everything that we are doing!! Continue to pray for our ministry!

Everything else is good. My children have been getting sick again alot. I hate winter! Samuel has had an ear infection for about 3 months now and it won't go away! I took him in today and it was so bad there was puss and yucky stuff in his ears and the doctors had to give him two shots of antibiotics in the office. Poor little guy is miserable!!!!! Ethan has a little cyst on his face and I have to go see a plastic surgeon to see if I can get it removed! Ughhh! Anyway...Continue to pray for us. Hopefully soon I can get some more pics of the kids on here. My othere ones are so old!!