Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tired and exhausted......

Hello! I am going to start by saying that this has been the most trying few weeks ever!! I am tired and exhausted and am continuing to be tired and exhausted until this thing passes! First of all Samuel started with a terrible ear infection that would not go away. Even 2 days before Christmas, while we were out of town I ended up in the emergency room with him and his ears. He did better until we got home and it flared into yucky puss filled ears and a terrible few days. After shots of Antibiotics in the doctors office and a weeks worth of strong antibiotics he seems to be finally over it today. Ellie is very sick. Friday at about 3 in the afternoon she started throwing up. It started every half hour and by six was every ten minutes. The poor girl couldn't stop. Finally at 4 in the morning after around 25-30 times vomitting I took her to the emergency room. After 4 tries attempting to get an IV in and being catheterized to get a pee sample she finally was all hooked up. After getting a few hours of fluid the vomiitting stopped. We hadn't gotten any sleep so we went home to rest. We slept until around 4:00 pm Saturday and she was burning up with fever and now she had diareah! All through the night it was fever and diareah and then Sunday she wouldn't stop with the diareah and wouldn't drink anything. Then it scared me. She wouldn't wake up for me and when she did it was as if I wasn't there. I took her in and they addmitted her. I was in there until Tuesday with her. They gave her fluids for 2 days and then she finally started to drink a little, and thank God started to act like herself again!!! We came home Tueday to a sick and throwing up Josiah and Ethan. Josiah seems a little better but...Ethan has been throwing up all day today, and then Ellie woke up throwing up again. I took her to the Dr. today and they gave her a shot of Phinegran (sp) for her vomitting and we crossed our fingers and prayed that she wouldn't have to go back to the hospital. She is still throwing up a few times here and there. Pray that our family will get over this disgusting virus. We are all tired and worn out! Thank you for your prayers!!