Saturday, October 15, 2005

Is Satan real or not? You Decide! I already know my answer!

So...I am going to tell you a bit of what went on the other night! I am not telling this to some of you to scare you, but to make you aware of some things. I believe in God because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt He is real! I have seen Miracles happen before my eyes, felt His presence and Him wrap his loving arms around me! I wish I could tell you story after story of how HE changed my life and has shown me things, but I would be here for days. When I was in college God told somebody else to tell me everything that was going on in my life that no one else knew. It was so amazing and I can never ever doubt again. I may get discouraged at times but I know He is there even when I don't feel Him because we can't rely on just feelings. Now...I know Satan is real. I won't doubt that either! I have seen demons manifest! Contort people's faces. I have even had an experience where a demon tried to choke me. Sometimes we can get caught up in just the la-di-da of Christianity and not really take into consideration that we fight not against Flesh and Blood, like the Bible says but against Principalities and Powers of the Air. Experiences like the one that just happened, awakens me to the reality in which we really live and how the time for action is NOW! You can read my blogs and not believe them, but what I am saying is true. I don't want to debate about logistics and I don't want any comments that are rude. I am voicing what I believe and hope that you respect that. Anyways...back to my story!

Every Friday night our team goes out on the streets and talks about Jesus and shares His love with them. Well, friday around 6 went out to witness. Two people went to talk to others and 4 stayed behind to pray at a certain place in East Toledo. The actual Gate of the city! While the 4 were praying a man walks around and around in circles watching them, over and over again he walks. Soon the group is talking to him about God's love and asking him if he would like to receive Jesus. He says yes, and some things happen. He walks away. The other two, Adam and Kevin, return. They had good conversations on the street. No one would like to give their hearts to Jesus yet, but the seeds have been planted. They begin to walk towards their cars, talking to passer bys on the street. Two from the group get engaged in conversations, so the others just stay and pray. All of a sudden they see a man standing under the bridge where they had been standing. He was yelling at something. He was having a conversation with no one. Or was it someone? Pretty soon he was walking forward and becoming more audible. "I am going to kill them!" he says " I am going to kill them all!" and then he starts to ramble in an unknown tounge. Adam, Kevin and Zach decide to go talk to the man. "It's Terry! That's the man that just gave his heart to Jesus! Zach whispers as they walk towards him. Terry turns around and sees them. "Run, Run, get away from them!" Terry (or is it terry?) says. Terry runs as fast as he can, he flys across the street almost getting hit by a car. Adam, Kevin and Zach run across the street, chasing Terry and finally catch up! "in the name of Jesus stop!" Adam shouts. Nothing. Adam catches up and starts to speak in toungues. Terry stops in his tracks and shuts up! He doesn't move a muscle. Terry is holding a 40 oz beer and doesn't want to let go. "let go of the bottle Terry" Zach says. " No...No.. he'll kill me if I let go" "No he won't now put it on the ground". "Ok but just don't spill it or break it, he'll get mad". Terry puts the bottle on the ground. In and out are two different distinct voices! One Terry's and the other unknown. The other voice keeps telling them to leave Terry alone, Terry on the other hand is struggling inside. The other voice gets so crazy and frustrated he begins to eat the leaves off of the trees. After binding and breaking this "demon" for a while, Terry is finally back and tells them that he feels he should break his bottle of beer, and that they should go meet his friends down under the bridge because his friends need to hear the stuff about Jesus. As they are walking away Adam notices another 40 oz bottle of beer in his bag. Terry becomes irate! "THEY CAN'T HAVE IT!" the voice screams and he takes off running again! He runs zig -zag back and forth across the street almost getting hit by a car every single time. Adam gets in front of him "in the name of Jesus, sit down on that bench
!" He sits down and shuts up like a cowardly school boy! "I hate you" Terry says in the other voice. " I am going to hurt you" "I am going to punch you" "OK" Adam says. " In the name of Jesus I place a Blood Covering wall of protection in between me and you. You can not hurt me or lay a finger on me." Adam is standing a few inches from Terry. Terry tries to throw a punch and is blocked by and invisible wall! His hand just slides off! Again he tries and again the same thing happens. He tries to burn Adam, but can't get through the invisible wall in front of him. Terry gets mad! " If I can't hurt you, then I will hurt Terry! He tries to burn himself, but they are able to stop him. "We have authority over you in the name of Jesus!" Terry(other) looks at them and laughs. "No you don't! Terry's mother sold his soul to me when he was born. I killed his mother when he was nine. You have no authority over this soul! HE IS MINE!" "That is his family under that bridge, they cut each other and drink eachother's blood! That is the only family he will ever need!" Terry showed them his arm. From wrist to elbow he was covered with hundreds of cuts! Adam, Zach and Kevin knew that it was no use! This one comes out through prayer and fasting. "We will go" Adam says to the other voice "We will go fast and pray, and you will bring us Terry at the appointed time" "How will I know? Terry asks "How will I find you?" "You will know" Adam says "follow the light"
"You will bring him to us!" Adam demands. "I will bring him to you" THE DEMON says.

What a crazy night! Tell me what you believe. Are you caught up in your every day la-di-da Christianity? Or are you doing something to break the strongholds in this City, over your friends, over your family, over your school,etc? The time for action is NOW!


Stacey said...

Wow! It's been a while since I've witnessed that happening! What a crazy night!!!