Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our blessing in disguise.....

So most of you know about our basement disaster...but if you don't I will explain. On June 20th Toledo had a terrible storm and our nice half finished basement began to flood. All of the sewer drains backed up on our street and actually in all of Lucas county. Our basement was filled with 8-10 inches of nasty drain water and we had to throw away our couches and our chairs. Luckily Adam's parents and brother had got there beds up on bed frames that day or their mattresses would have been ruined. It was a disaster! And a week before we left for vacation! I filed a claim and we couldn't get to it until after we came back from Colorado. We really didn't think that we would get much because we had a thousand dollar deductable but our insurance guy came to look at everything anyway. Before we left Adam tore out the carpet and we threw away the furniture. We had to scrape the floor because it had glue on it and we scrubbed in with bleach. It was a lot of work...but we didn't want it to start molding!

When we got back from our vacation we noticed on the news that Lucas County was considered a distaster area and we might be able to get federal aide for the things that our insurance wouln't pay for. So FEMA came out to look too. They both came to look on the same day and the insurance guy wrote me a check for $2000 and just yesterday FEMA deposited $3600 dollars in our account to cover the couches and valuables we lost!!! I am in shock!!! and I praise GOD!!!! He provides more than we could ever ask or think! Now we can redo and finish off the basement and get some new furniture down there. ISn't God Good!


Stacey said...

Wow! That is INCREDIBLE! I am always so amazed at how God blesses you guys!!!