Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finally!!!! :)

I know I know.......IT has been forever since I posted....:) I have been busy....but here are some pictures of what took place in the last few weeks. Thanksgiving was awesome! My family was all together for the first time in a while. My parents were able to make it and both brothers. I didn't get many pictures of my brothers which I am upset about but here are a few. This was everyone sitting down for the meal. Of course I bought plastic dishes because I never want to do dishes after THankgiving! What can I say...lazy maybe....but it went well. :)

Here is a pic of all the kids...but it turned out terrible....at least you can see them a little bit.

It was so beautiful outside! It was in the 60's and everyone was able to play outside. It was great because the kids had cabin fever for a while when it was cold before. THis way they played all day and went to bed early! :) My brother Justin has two kids that are the same ages so it was really nice! Jevan is 5 and in between the boys ages and Saige is 6 months older than Ellie. They all played together so great I barely saw them all week. Here is my mom and Adam watching the girls on the Teeter Totter.

Here are the boys making guns and spaceships out of their construx! They loved every minute of being together and had the best time.

Here they are playing on the trampoline! How fun!

Here is Samuel...like usual...getting into something. This time it was my recipe box and of course he was putting them all in my toaster oven!! :) He's cooking recipes already! ;)

When my brother Justin and his wife left we were able to spend time with my parents. It was so nice. I haven't seen them since last Christmas so it had been almost a year! We did my parents Christmas presents before they left so they didn't have to send them to us this year. Here is everyone opening up their goodies!
My brother Jonathan has lived in Toledo for the past few years but got layed off at his job a month ago. So now he is living in my basement. It has been good and I actually get to see him now. He leads the youth at his church and is also a worship leader. God has given him an incredible gift and he has written many songs. He is finally getting a few recorded this year. Pray that God will help him start his music ministry God has planned for him.

This year after Thanksgiving the kids, gramma and I made Christmas cookies. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved the decorating part. Here is the finished product!
After the cookies they all wanted to be firemen and sat in the suitcases the boys got for Christmas. It was too cute not to take a picture!
Anyway, that has been life the past few weeks. It was fun to see the whole family together again! I do have a prayer request. I go in for a gall bladder ultrasound and some blood work this friday. I have been in some pain and this will tell me if I need surgery pretty soon. Thanks guys! Love you all!~


Stacey said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Samuel putting the recipes in the toaster oven! HA HA HA!! I will keep you in my prayers. Let us know the results.

Melis said...

I never in a million, trillion years would have recognized your brothers, especially Jonathon. Whe I saw the picture my thought was "who's this guy?" I couldn't believe it. He's all grown up! Holy cow! I guess when you don't see people forever and a day you just expect for them to look as they did when you saw them last. That is just so crazy. Your parents look amazing. Now, your dad I will forever recognize! I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!