Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Our Trip to COSI!

This past week we went to Cosi and took two of our Pastor's kids Levi and Dominic, Adam's brother Seth, and my brother Jon who is taking the picture. Adam was parking. It was a blast. It was "The science of BIG machines" month and it was so much fun! THe kids had a blast! They got to sit in the big tractors and outside they were actually able to operate the machines.

Ellie and Samuel had a blast too. THey got to sit inside the machines and then we mostly played in the preschool area.

Even Seth was able to check them out!

Ellie and Samuel had so much fun....we played with big squishy blocks...ellie got to ride in a fake ambulance and little kids hospital....and they had a sound room where you could band on everything from pots and pans to wheel barrows and hard hats. Samuel had a blast in that room. He made tons of noise!

Josiah was able to operate this machine. He got to shovel up a huge mound of dirt and spill it back in the pile. It was very exciting to see the big machine at work!

All in all we had a blast and can't wait to go again!