Monday, September 26, 2005

The Refinery makes it's debut!

So today we had our first service for the Refinery! We had almost 30 people in my house! It was crazy! We made the famous Holroyd enchiladas! They were very yummy!!!!
Although, they are more "Americanized" enchiladas, our friend Dina who is hispanic said that they were very good! We need to get a building so bad! But...will continue to meet in the house until God provides otherwise. We served a dinner and had worship and preaching, teaching or whatever you would like to call it! I did kids church and we had to go upstairs because it was raining! ( we were originally going outside) Anyway, we learned about Noah and the ark and I made an ark out of my boys bunkbeds with steps going to the bottom bed. We had another Jessica flicker the lights to pretend it was raining and lightning. It was fun because I had them act out the senario. I also had a coloring page and we made rainbows out of ribbed paper plates. It was cool! We had some people show up for the free food, and then left but hope they will come back and sometime maybe stay for the service eventually. We'll just keep loving on them. Anyways here are some pics!

Here are my beautiful babies! I wish I had a digital camera so I could catch every moment but I don't! Eventually some day!
This is Samuel and I! It was taken almost 2 months ago now and he's getting so huge. He used to be in the -10 % for weight and in one month he was so hungry he jumped to the 50%. It was so crazy! I had to supplement him with formula because I couldn't keep up...even with solid food.
Here he is again! He was 2 months preemie and now look!
Last pic! It is the building we are looking at for the Refinery! Yeah!! God will make a way.

It was a busy day today...and I feel wore out, but good! We are finally starting!


deanna said...

Hey Jess! Deanna here. I admit I have been adicted to blogs and diaries for far too long. But I definitely can write more than I can say sometimes. But love the post and the pictures. I'll be sure to keep up with this one and see how you're doing. Enchiladas were amazing!! Have a good week, love ya!